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If Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, Why Do We Spend So Much On Cosmetics?

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010
By Wilma Young
Over the weekend I was reading a popular magazine that I really love. It has a wonderful balance of emotional, spiritual and practical advice and is very uplifting. I do find real inspiration every month but I was struck by something this time. In the middle there was a section for asking questions on cosmetics. How to apply foundation to cover skin imperfections, dark circles and the like. How to control oily skin and what new products were a must for a modern woman. It doesn’t just happen in this magazine either. There are commercials on TV that are selling harsh products to control acne and when you are at the end of your rope you’ll sell your own children to get your perceived imperfection fixed. There was something that saddens me about all of these products. They never address the underlying issue. Beauty IS skin deep but true health radiates from a deeper place. Our outside reflects our insides. The way we process foods, sugars, al cohol and fats can come screaming through to your skin and it can be disheartening . If you have acne, try eliminating dairy products and add a probiotic to your regiment. If you have dark circles, this is a sign of an overworked liver. Try reducing fatty foods, increase sweating to rid the body of toxins and milk thistle is a great supplement for liver support. Nutritional deficiencies can also be the culprit. Cold sores and chapped lips are usually a B vitamin deficiency and red spots on the arms (that look like acne) are usually a sign of vitamin A deficiency. Seeing a nutritionist to do a visual inspection or better yet have a nutritional counseling appointment would be a fantastic investment in your beauty and your health! I guess my point is that if you get the internal system working correctly your beauty will become natural and you will radiate health. The alternative is to cover up the things that are signaling you that your body needs attention. The old adage that you are what you eat is absolutely true. Consider that the best cosmetic is the one that comes from within…that is self confidence, natural energy and a glow that says you fuel yourself with the right nutrition and it SHOWS!!