Temples In Bali

Did you know that there are over 20,000 temples in Bali?  They are everywhere and the magic and energy can be felt everywhere.

In order to go a temple, the proper attire must be worn: cabilla (blouse), sarong without fringes, and a sash or belt.  Men have to wear a sarong as well. 

So far, I have only visited two temples! Based on my calculation, I need to spend another 19,998 days! (Just kidding, Wilma! I’ll be back soon to start working again!) 

Here is a picture of me, Margaret, and Gay wearing our temple attire after being purified by a priest.  We were bathed in holy water and then rice was place on our temples, third eye, throat, and head.  We were giving a headband to display to the community that we had been purified.

Here are a few pics of a temple, Pura Champuan Ubud:

When you enter a temple, you will notice that the entrance looks like it is cut away. It is meant to look like you are traveling through the walls, entering another dimension:

Here are a few pics from pura Gunung Kawi:


The light beam in this picture couldn't be seen with the human eye. :)

Here I am at the waterfall just below the temple:

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